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Amazon Web Services

WMS is a Sterling AWS Cloud Consulting Company in India

Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be defined as the building blocks which can be implemented to support any dynamic workload. AWS is a set of highly available services designed to work together for supporting sophisticated and scalable apps.


It’s offers a high-level security to your system

Wide range of hardware configurations

Platform Flexibility just adds up to the ease of implementation

Pay for only what you use

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AWS Cloud Migration Services

We are one of the few charter companies in India who are well known in the industry for enterprise-scale migration to AWS. Due to obvious benefits of AWS, it attracts a large number of people. Our AWS Migration service ensures you to be put on the top!

AWS Managed Services

AWS Managed Services

WonderSoft Multimedia Solution’s highly qualified team of System Operation & Development Operation Engineers ensure the high availability, scalability and security of your Infrastructure and Applications.

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AWS Consultancy Services

WMS’s Cloud Adoption framework will equip you to put a detailed Cloud Strategy & Road Map framework. We will help you in identifying your applications state, suggest infrastructure tools and methods for organization readiness.


Mobile Application Development

Wondersoft Multimedia Solutions is a Mobile Application Development company based in Pune, India.

A talent pool which possesses expertise of different mobile development technologies under its belt. Across the premium list of top mobile application development companies in Pune, WMS ranks in top 30% of the cut which develops B2C Applications specific to client’s needs. We also provide Enterprise-grade mobile solutions which are designed to turn your scattered business objectives into an aptly automated process.


iOS Application Development

Apple introduced us to the iOS which has taken over the mobile computing eco-system. The iOS offers a superior user experience that the iPhones and iPads dominate the market due to their likability & excellence. Only skilled minds can synergise the conceptualization & execution processes to give out the extraordinaire iOS applications, which WMS has in well.


Android Application Development

When Android Technology entered the domain of the Mobile development, humans were blessed with unprecedented personalization and choice. Although, with limitless choices came along the need to innovative solutions and exceptional thinking. WonderSoft Multimedia Solutions stands steady & growing taller in the list of Android Application Development Companies.


Cross-Platform App Development

A Flexible mobile application which performs on all the best platforms is what the modern mobile user expects. Cross Platform Application Development also favours you in cutting down the development costs. Not just the costs are lower, but since cross platform applications cater to all the major platforms like iOS, Android, etc. your business vision reaches to broader target.


Easy & Simple CMS Websites – Hassel Free !

Content management systems, as the name suggests is a set of tools that lets you create and manage digital content. The modern robust CMSs empower us in helping your business offer a consistently excellent digital experience, may it be through a website or a portal

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MEAN Stack Application Development

MEAN stack is the advent of robust, swift and scalable web applications development technology. It’s a boilerplate of open-source, Java-Script based technologies which consists of MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js. This lightweight and efficient package of web-development platforms offers strong design patterns such as MVC.



With Mongo DB, developing solutions as standalone applications or

with integration to traditional relational databases is creatively easy. It does not require any complex or time consuming mapping to be done, which makes MongoDB as the most efficient for simplifying the App Development process



Express JS presents a robust set of features and functionalities, which

enables the developers in developing powerful and versatile web applications. Express JS is the flexible web application framework that makes the use of Node JS as easy as possible.



AngularJS is the revolutionary JavaScript framework which is

transforming the dynamic web application development. It’s a powerful structural framework which extends the HTML attributes and binds data to HTML, adding precision to web applications.



Faster scalable Network applications are the outcome of Node JS

effectiveness. Through the use of this innovative platform, developers are able to develop load bearing infrastructure. A preferred framework amongst the best Node JS development companies.


We don’t just Design Web, We Groom IT

Our capabilities to understand the specific needs helps us in developing highly transactional and high-quality web systems. We start from designing and expertly build easily deployable web systems which turn into innovative websites.

WMS is a premium web designing company in India which not only just develops web solutions for your online business, but opens up vistas of digital opportunities as well.

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