AWS Hosting Services

WMS AWS Web Hosting Services- Flexible, highly scalable and low-cost

AWS Hosting Services

WonderSoft Multimedia Solutions  AWS Web Hosting Services are a designed to provide you reliability, performance, security or support. Our certified experts are here to help you in getting the most out of AWS.

Fully Manged Web Hosting Services on Amazon to Work Magic with Amazon Services

We have a stringent protocol! When it comes to designing a great web application, develop an app which performs exceedingly well without compromising its scalability and interoperability.

Why AWS Cloud is the way to go?

Amazon Web Services are one of the most reliable tools to manage a dynamic web application. Irrespective of the size of your application, AWS will support it without compromising its features and performance.


It’s dynamic!

You don’t have to worry about supporting your changing demands being met and you pay for only what you use

Its Rich

There is a Large selection of computational resources in AWS marketplace ready to combine with a wide range of hardware configurations

Its Cost-efficient

Platform Flexible, Fast and Scalable Applications at lower IT costs

Its Secure

AWS web hosting solutions are impregnable by the pesky malwares and hackers


AWS Authority

WMS  has garnered a reputation of being a company competent at solving complex scalability problems and provide expert AWS Hosting services. We specialize in hosting services because we offer solutions which are designed to be modular.

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In-depth knowledge

We offer AWS Web hosting full suite of services because we possess the knowledge of every nook and cranny.


Extensive experience

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is expertise. It requires time and experience, which WMS has plenty in the AWS web hosting domain


Performance Assurance

We deploy best AWS web hosting services to ensure your environment is designed for high availability, performance, security and scalability.


Seamless Support

We don’t just create, we nurture also! WMS provides proactive monitoring and support, which ensures an uninterrupted AWS service to your business

AWS Web Hosting Service Provider

Take a peek into the host of services we provide and take the right pick
for your business growth
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Ready to Have an Awesome AWS experience With WMS?

WMS has worked on some of the most complex and sophisticated application architectures in the domain. It won’t be a bad idea to let experts handle your managed AWS requirements.

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We understand that in today’s digital world which is already crowded with so many web applications, the only way to distinguish your online business is through innovative approach. Abiding to that understanding, we dedicate our fair amount of expertise in coming up with insanely good & new ideas.


Nothing beats a web application or an ecommerce platform when its foundation is pure intellect and unique ideas. Hence WMS has always insisted on indigenous and agile development process which renders your online business stand out of the herd.


Tenacity is essentially the fine line between success and surrender. At WonderSoft Multimedia Solutions, we are diligently dedicated towards enhancing the online persona of your business through constant innovation & Never-give-up attitude.