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Cordova – The Future of Mobile Development

WMS is currently crossing-off the milestones of becoming a company with exceptional Cordova Development expertise. Our development motto is to help clients to develop their mobile strategies using Cordova.

Premium End-to-end Cordova Development Services for Small and Medium Businesses in India

The horizons of mobile technology are expanding with advent of new, improved and highly-sophisticated development tools. WonderSoft Multimedia Solutions is a spearhead company in terms of developing cutting-edge and highly-efficient mobile applications. WMS operates with a strong-mindedness of driving the mobile user experience to a whole new height through Cordova development framework.

We believe that the applications we design must perfectly align with your business goals and should exceed expectations. That’s what we call as an amazing experience, delivered!

What Makes Cordova the Best Mobile Development Framework?

The developers at WonderSoft Multimedia Solutions develop apps by staying in-line with the spot-on definition of a great mobile application, as we believe that an app should be:

Stable and Fast

Delightfully Polished Interfaced

Focused & Spontaneous

The outstanding grip of our mobile development team on Cordova enables us to design applications which perfectly fit above criteria.

The Promise of Cordova

One Code

Cordova offers a set of development tools to enable one code to be deployed across multiple platforms. Organised into a single code base, Cordova empowers a mobile application with a sturdy structure and a cross-platform functionality.


Cordova offers an ecosystem of command line tools with a core embedding CSS3, HTML5 and Angular JS which eases the access into native mobile hardware such as camera, accelerometer and GPS. In addition to that, the ecosystem involves JavaScript Framework and cloud services, which makes Cordova a comprehensive tool for mobile application tool.

Cross-platform Support

Cordova is vastly popular because of its amazingly easy to integrate with several platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Firefox OS, Ubuntu OS, Fire OS and the list goes on!

cordova (1)

Strong and Robust Backed

PhoneGap has a robust backend system that tremendously speeds up the development process and reduces developer’s efforts. The beginner’s guide also helps in speeding the process further.

cordova (3)

Open Source

With the PhoneGap framework, you get the best for free. The PhoneGap community compiles new codes and modules which are available for free because of its Open Source License.

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It offers great flexibility to the developers as they can develop any type of mobile app. Developers familiar with basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript can get started with PhoneGap. No need to learn additional languages.

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Cost effective solutions

Being a trustworthy we offer to our clients, packages with enough flexibility and the most competitive rates. To help you at highly cost-effective rates as well as rapid site development.


We understand Cordova, like nobody does!

We are exceptional at developing lightweight and less data intensive mobile phonegap applications and our proficiency is based on our knowledge!

We know how to make you popular

WMS Cordova Development team designs Cordova applications using short development cycles to taking your business to all mobile platforms.

Float your boat through all

Mobile apps are not expected to lag, Period! Our ideology behind developing lightweight, feature-rich and cost-effective installable applications at. And of course! They would be cross-device & Platform too!

Why would you choose Cordova though?

Cordova, the iteration of PhoneGap, is a next-generation, open-source mobile application development framework. This immensely flexible development infrastructure lets developers to design amazingly interactive and robust mobile apps. So yeah! If you have promised your consumers an awesome experience with all the features, then Cordova is pretty much your only option. Check out our portfolio to get a better idea about what kind of Cordova Development Company we are!


Cross Mobile Development Using Cordova

When we decided to enter the mobile application development, we vowed to hold expertise of all the domains in the stream. That is how our company infrastructure is built and Cordova Development is no exception to that. Our Cross-device Cordova Development services are dedicated to take your complex or simple ideas and turn them into a powerful & successful mobile business.

Ready to Create Stunning Web Applications With WMS?

WMS ensures that every development process is mapped successfully to maximize the output and benefits for your business. Give us a call if you wish to exceedingly succeed in mobile marketing & Applications!

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We understand that in today’s digital world which is already crowded with so many web applications, the only way to distinguish your online business is through innovative approach. Abiding to that understanding, we dedicate our fair amount of expertise in coming up with insanely good & new ideas.


Nothing beats a web application or an ecommerce platform when its foundation is pure intellect and unique ideas. Hence WMS has always insisted on indigenous and agile development process which renders your online business stand out of the herd.


Tenacity is essentially the fine line between success and surrender. At WonderSoft Multimedia Solutions, we are diligently dedicated towards enhancing the online persona of your business through constant innovation & Never-give-up attitude.